Spoiled Design

Everything has a design.  The water bottle you drink from was designed by someone.  The TV that you watch was once a design concept.  In the church, we often overlook design because we just need to relay information.  Relaying information is important, but we live in a visual culture.  I'm not going to get into the importance of good design and how it enhances communication.  This is just a reminder to not get stuck in a design rut that is too familiar it loses its effectiveness.

1) Think of your most common "design" elements. 

This might be your bulletin, church signage, website...whatever.  Then try to remember the last time those elements got a "face lift".  For most of us, it's been a while since we've looked at our church's website much less redesigned it.

2)  Tear it down and start from scratch.  The best way I've found to give something a new look is to throw out the old and start over.  This can be painful but it's necessary for the new design to be independent.  There's a temptation to just change a few colors and fonts so it will have "consistency".  Fight it and just start over!

The good thing is, for digital media, this process doesn't have to cost a fortune (unless you have to hire a professional graphic designer).  Things like bulletins, email newsletters, and webpages aren't tangible so it's easy and affordable to change them up.

The point is...design spoils.  So, find the bad fruit and REPLACE it!