Why Another Ministry Blog?

The short answer: because no one’s speaking directly to my situation and I don’t think I’m the only one doing what I do.  I Googled "small church youth ministry" and I found two blogs dedicated to the topic.  TWO.  One is smallchurchyouthministry.com which is published by Simply Youth Ministry and the other is smallyouthgroup.com (I recommend it!).  There should be more voices than that!  And neither of these blogs take into account the idea of a "multi-role" minister.  That is, someone who has a primary role, but MANY secondary roles in the church.

I’m a student pastor/worship pastor/graphic designer/WHATEVER at a small church plant outside of Athens, GA (go dawgs!) and I have a lot of roles.  I’m constantly looking for new ways to accomplish ministry and get things done.

It’s dawned on me in the last couple of months as I've talked to other church pastors and leaders that there are very few resources available FOR small church staff people BY small church staff people.  Everyone wants to hear from the “Sr. Pastor” and the “megachurch” leaders that have big degrees, budgets, and churches, but the reality is most churches have around 100-200 members.  They are staffed by dedicated, hard working leaders that are just as called to ministry as any pastor.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not AGAINST large churches, great leaders, or higher education.  It’s not an either/or kind of argument, it’s both/and.  We need all sides talking, learning, and growing.  But what’s happened is the minority (large churches) are overshadowing the majority (small churches).

So I hope this is a place you find some connection to the things you’re doing in your church.  We have to stick together and encourage each other, even if that’s just a reminder that we’re not alone!


What It's About

I don’t want to spend a whole post on how I’m going to start this blog again.  Nor do I want to waste time talking about how I got to this point (although, I’m sure it’ll come out as we go).  Instead, I want to talk about what I do and how I think a lot of people out there are doing the same things.

I’m a youth pastor at a small church.  For anyone that knows little to nothing about student ministry, churches, and more specifically, small churches, that last statement doesn’t mean much.  BUT, if you do know a thing or two about that list, you know that being a youth pastor at a small church isn’t just about summer camps and messy games.

It’s SO MUCH more!

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