What It's About

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I don’t want to spend a whole post on how I’m going to start this blog again.  Nor do I want to waste time talking about how I got to this point (although, I’m sure it’ll come out as we go).  Instead, I want to talk about what I do and how I think a lot of people out there are doing the same things.

I’m a youth pastor at a small church.  For anyone that knows little to nothing about student ministry, churches, and more specifically, small churches, that last statement doesn’t mean much.  BUT, if you do know a thing or two about that list, you know that being a youth pastor at a small church isn’t just about summer camps and messy games.

It’s SO MUCH more!


I hesitate to list all the “hats” I wear because I don’t want it to come across as complaining or even bragging about my work load.  I only list this so others like me can know there are others like them.  So here it is, right now these are the areas I’m working in...

Student Ministry - this consists of a weekly Bible study/worship service, leading an adult “youth council” team, planning retreats, camps, events, activities.  Oh yeah, and making sure my students know that God loves them (how often do we forget that last one?)

Worship - I’m the worship leader for “big church” on Sunday mornings, but that also entails planning the set list, putting the lyrics together for the screens (more on that in the future).

Tech - In addition to the worship music, I’m also the graphic designer for the bulletins, screens, web site.  I manage and schedule the tech team volunteers (there are NEVER enough) and make sure everything wired works when it has to work.

Communication - I keep up with the advertising, web site, and make sure our administrative assistant can send out a weekly email newsletter (SO thankful for her!).  I also make sure our website stays up to date (MUCH more on that in the future) and keep our social networking sites up to date as well.

Other - Since we’re a church plant and we’re small and we’re young, our full-time staff consists of me and our pastor.  So I end up being the advice giver, idea bouncer, frustration ventee (is that a word?), and all around “helper”.

Again, I didn’t list those things for pity or bragging rights, it’s just for that person that reads this and says, “hey, that’s what I’m doing”.

So this blog is about the multi-taskers, the Ministers of “Getting Things Done”.  That’s what I do so that’s what I’m blogging about.

So, what are your roles right now?