The Retreat Hangover

I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but I’m going through it now and I KNOW others have as well.  It’s the “retreat hangover”.  The day after you get back from a weekend retreat only to realize that you’re a) old b) sore c) in need of a vacation and d) wishing you were paid hourly (or paid at all!).

In case you’ve never experienced this youth ministry phenomenon, allow me to explain.

#1 - Brain haze - the inability to say anything NOT related to “stop farting, we’re in a closed space!”  This can also include a general lack of fine motor skills necessary to accomplish the simplest task (such as brushing teeth or taking out the trash).

#2 - Sloth speed - characterized by extremely slow movements that are absolutely essential to survival and/or job security.  This covers everything the YP must do that day to avoid the question “Why are you so far behind?”

#3 - Muscle rebellion - Typically occurs when there is much physical activity involved at the retreat.  This also includes a SEVERE awareness of the YP’s age and physical fitness (OR lack thereof).  Muscles will rebel and/or simply shutdown until proper amounts of rest, pain relievers, and couch laying have been accomplished.

Of course this list isn’t exhaustive and is meant to be taken with the amount of salt you find on your fries from Wendy’s!

In spite of the hard work, lack of (good) sleep, and the ensuing “hangover”, weekend retreats can be the BEST way to teach some deeper material, grow closer, and build momentum.

What other “symptoms” would you add to the “Retreat Hangover”?