Small Church, BIG Ministry

Bigger isn’t ALWAYS better (unless you’re talking about steaks, bouncy castles, or chocolate bars).  I’ve been in ministry for a little over 5 years and have always been on staff at small to medium sized churches.

I grew up in a large church environment.  It was (and still is) the BIG church in town.  We had the nice, big youth group, plenty of resources, and TONS of opportunities.  As much as I have great fondness of my experiences there, I’m glad I’ve never been on staff at a church that size.  So here 4 reasons why I love being on staff at a small(er) church.

#1 - Everyone can know me and I can know everyone.  Let me clarify...when I was on staff at a larger church, everyone knew me (the youth guy), but I didn’t know them.  I’m socially awkward enough without having to pretend I know everyone’s name (and I do that more than willing to admit).

#2 - I can easily call an “audible”.  I put the word “easily” in there because you CAN call audibles at a large church, but you better have a GOOD reason.  A great example of this...a few weeks ago we were in between teaching series with the students.  So instead of just teaching “another lesson”, I called an audible that week (I made the decision on a Monday).  So when the students showed up Wednesday night, we played "Sardines" all night throughout the church.  It was GREAT!  The kids were able to relax, I was able to build some relationships, and my wife became the “Sardines Grand Champion”.

#3 - Our student ministry can be a family affair.  This is another one of those things that CAN be done in a larger church, but it’s a whole lot easier in a small church.  My 13 month old comes with us every Wednesday night and hangs out before we start.  We have an AWESOME parent that volunteers to stay at the church and keep her during the youth service.  So as soon as we’re done, my little girl gets to come back and hang out with all the students that have grown to love her.

#4 - We can be a “big church” when it’s convenient.  By that I mean, if I wanna do a BIG event but don’t have the BIG budget (or the big crowd) to pull it off...I can call some other student pastors in the area and see if they wanna partner with us.  We pool our budgets together, draw a bigger crowd, and have an excellent time ministering side-by-side.

These are just the few things I love most about being at a small church.  What’s your experience been like and what size are you in right now?