Wonder Twin Powers...Activate

This past weekend we had our 2nd annual Lock-In (yes, I do lock-ins).  We partner with another church across town and do it up big (and still don’t spend big bucks).  Most student pastors know that we should be partnering with other churches (especially small churches), but I want to highlight the main reasons this is essential in the small church ministry world.

1) We need partners because we shouldn’t do ministry alone.  Jesus didn’t operate solo nor did he only work with people in his small group (his disciples).  He had others who helped him in the ministry (Mary, Martha, Lazarus, even Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea).

2) We need partners because we have limited resources.  We don’t have a huge budget to do huge events, BUT other churches have things that we don’t have.  For example, our church rents a building, but my partner’s church is mobile.  So every now and then they might have an event or meeting that needs more space or needs to happen during the week.  Every time they’ve had need, it’s worked out with our schedule and they leave the place better than it was before.  On the flip side, I needed a drummer for an outdoor event our band was playing.  My partner used to play drums “back in the day” so I asked him to come out.  He did a fantastic job and because of his heart for ministry, didn’t charge us anything for his time and talent!

3) We need partners because it makes ministry more FUN!  I can’t tell you the kind of stuff my ministry partner get in to.  Whether it’s enjoying a lunch, a “work related” road trip, or just setting up for an event, we have a blast doing ministry together because we know WE’RE ON THE SAME TEAM.

So what do you do if you haven’t found a ministry partner?  PRAY and NETWORK!  Chances are there’s someone in your area that has the same heart for ministry that you do.  Start with churches similar to your own (size, location, worship style, etc.) and if that doesn’t get you results, branch out.  If you hit a dead end, try to find a student pastor that’s new to the area because there’s a guy or girl that’s looking for some help!