Game Time

Every 3 or so years, the stars align, God smiles upon my tiny creative skills, and I come up with a new game to play with my youth group.

Here’s the latest one, hope you can use it.

Name: Sit Down Soccer
Basic Idea: Kinda like life-size fooseball, but the players remain stationary
Equipment: A beach ball and two nets (hockey net or small soccer goals work well)
Rules: Players use their hands to hit the ball (not catch & throw) into the other team’s goal.  Players can NOT stand or move from their position once the game starts.  The arrangement of offense and defense makes all the difference in how the game is played.  Since the first time we tried this, we made a new rule that says the only defenders near the goal can be one goalie and one other defender.  If you have more than that, scoring becomes near impossible.

At the mid-point of the game, I’ll usually allow everyone to move positions so goalies can change and offense can switch to defense.  Also, it’s good to have a few non-players around the boundaries to throw the ball back in play when it goes out.

That’s the basics, but there’s plenty of room for tweaks and improvements.  If you come up with either, let me know so we can try it out.